Renovate Your Property


Unleash our renovator experience with your property and let us weave our magic!
We go the extra mile to support you and ensure you are satisfied with the design choices and options.
Supporting the transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary, we assist you to reap the benefits of your very own investment.
Having worked with teams of dedicated and experienced professionals, we can take the anxiety out of the renovation process.
You could even take a holiday while work is underway on your project!

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Recent Projects

After careful planning and preparation in order to create this ‘industrial-concrete’ themed apartment in the heart of Double Bay, the actual renovation only took some 6 weeks reducing inconvenience and cost. A 3 bedroom apartment that included new timber floating floors, concrete themed lighting, frosted and clear glass doors, stone features, new kitchen design with the smart inclusion of additional storage in a small space, the opening up of the dining to kitchen spaces, outdoor resurfacing and design to make the balcony an extension of the apartment living area, modernised bathroom with walk-in shower, wood features, fresh paint throughout, including the sourcing and fitting out of the interior with modern appliances and smart features, all to a pre-approved interior designed by us together with the owner of this smart and elegant home and office.

How We Can Help

We reduce the stress of renovations by introducing our own connections, who will interact with you every step of the way.
And assist in providing a complete service from in-house design, obtaining professional quotes, through to oversight of the work itself.

Minimising The Hassle

We chase, we nag, we watch!
We’re fully onto the contractors that do the work to ensure that your project is on time and on budget.

Improve Rental & Value

Whether you want a simple ‘Zsuzsing Up’ of your property or a complete makeover, we can assist - why should you manage numerous parties when we can do it for you!