7 Signs it's Time to Switch Real Estate Agents

With the internet giving consumers a wealth of information these days, and Sydney’s property market still soaring in value, it’s impossible to ignore that some vendors are choosing to ‘go it alone’ with a DIY home sale.

Here at Selby Anda Real Estate, you might not be surprised that we think having an experienced, skilled agent at your side is still the right choice. Remember, you can know a lot, but a good real estate agent lives and breathes their job. Not just that: negotiating and sales are nothing short of an art; contracts, paperwork and legal issues are hard to navigate; and a great agent can sometimes get you such a good deal that it more than compensates for anything you might have saved on the commission.

But the truth is, many vendors might be put off the idea of getting a real estate agent because they had a bad experience. But don’t be deterred: simply spot a bad agent and make the switch to Selby Anda!


Here’s what to look out for:

1. Not trusting your instinct

If you have a gut feeling that ‘something isn’t right’ with your agent, you just might be right. So don’t ignore that gut feeling, and understand that all real estate agents were not created equal. Keep an open and sceptical mind about the job they are doing for you.

2. Not listening

Your real estate agent is your representative – they are an extension of you. So if you get the feeling they’re not listening to you, that’s a major red flag. Your agent needs to be on board with your goals, what matters to you, and delivering the outcome you want – and the only way they can do that is to listen.

3. Lack of time

Remember, a great real estate agent will be bugging YOU – not the other way around. If you get the feeling your agent is too busy with other things, skipping the details, not returning calls, cutting conversations short or giving you other signs that they’d rather be doing something else, question whether they’re right for you – or anyone.

4. Lack of experience

An agent who lacks experience is only a few steps away from going it alone with a DIY sale. So if you get the impression they’re learning on the job – ‘the job’ being your precious investment – that’s a good sign that you should make the switch to someone who has seen and done it all over and over again.

5. Lack of respect

Ever asked your agent a question and their answer made you feel stupid or unimportant? The thing they are lacking is respect, and a good agent will understand your anxiety, lack of complete knowledge and every trepidation you may have. Respect is simply a part of an agent’s job that is non-negotiable.

6. ‘Slimy’ or ‘pushy’

Ask someone what they like least about certain real estate agents, and the answer might be ‘They’re slimy’ or ‘Pushy’. What they mean is that they are manipulative, as they wiggle around and try to get you to agree to something that you really don’t want to do. But don’t allow yourself to be treated like a child: a great agent won’t slime their way to your agreement, they’ll put all the facts on the table and let you make an informed decision.

7. Unfriendly

An unfriendly agent is just plain bad all around. Not only will they make the experience unpleasant for you, what’s to say they’re not going to put off the buyers with that attitude? A good agent will turn a stressful, often emotional occasion of selling a home into the most enjoyable experience possible.

These are just 7 signs of a bad real estate agent – but there are more, and if you can think of any, we’d love to hear from you. Selby Anda Real Estate is committed to serving Sydney’s eastern suburbs and beyond with experience, attention to detail and friendly service, so get in touch today to find out more.

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7 Signs it's Time to Switch Real Estate Agents